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Moving a VB app from Win to Lin

I have developed an application in Visual Basic using MySQL as the database. Now I run the application on all our Windows 2000 and XP client machines.

Now, I want to run the application on Windows and use the database MySQL on Linux. Is this possible? I want to upload the data on a Linux server where MySQL would be the database. I want the application I developed in VB to connect to the MySQL on Linux server.

Tell me briefly the steps to:

  1. Loading data to the MySQL on Linux server, as I have the SQL script for creating the tables in MySQL (in Windows)
  2. How to get connected from a Linux server to the VB application in MySQL
  3. Any other convention to be followed

The idea is to run the application on Windows and use the database MySQL on Linux. Can you help me?

Yes, it's easy.

  1. Your SQL scripts can run just the same on Linux as Windows. If you don't like the different way the operating systems treat the end-of-line terminators, you can use the tools unix2dos or dos2unix to convert them.
  2. To connect to VB, just install the MySQL ODBC driver, and use the standard Windows ODBC interface. That also gives you some database server portability.
  3. Other conventions to follow? Make sure your mysqld is properly set up in the /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services files, plus other networking options required for remote access.
  4. If you want to get way from Windows further, then you might consider serving up the application using a Linux Web server to an open source client like a browser, or even using the Linux Terminal Server Project. There are numerous ways of doing both, from PHP, Perl and Java to more esoteric solutions. My favorite for small jobs is (of course) Mozilla's XUL and some hasty CGI Perl. Bigger jobs require more planning.

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