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Moving COBOL programs to a PC platform

I've got about 100 to 200 COBOL programs that generate reports. They currently run on the mainframe (OS/390). I'd like keep the code relatively intact, as it's rock-solid, and migrate them down to a PC platform (SQL Server or IIS). Are there good solutions out there that won't break the bank? Should I just bite the bullet and switch to VB? What are the caveats?
My first response is a question back to you: Why would you do such a thing? Everything we do involves weighing the risk vs. the reward, and I see only risk here. "I'd like to migrate them to a PC platform" does not sound like a strong reason to go through this pain with no gain. But if you must...

You could compile the programs with IBM COBOL on Windows (it is part of WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5). Most SQLs have a precompiler for COBOL to handle the SQL; I know DB2 does on Windows. No matter what solution you use, you will have to change the code if it is writing QSAM files as the reports today, since I/O on Windows is quite different. As for changing to VB, I have the same reaction as above: Why? Never change platforms or programming languages unless there is an obvious reward for all of your risk. I don't see any reward in moving from the most commonly used language in the world to VB; it will be difficult and take you a lot of time.

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