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Mounting external drives on Dapper Drake

An Ubuntu expert describes two possible solutions, one with a command line solution, to a user's issue with mounting external drives onto Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.

The last distribution I used was Ubuntu (Dapper Drake). I have been repeatedly refused permission to move files to external drives, even after I became administrator or root. What am I doing wrong?
You should see if your external drive is mounted as read-only. You can do this by typing ' mount' from a terminal and checking the status of the drive. The last column should tell you the read/write status the file system is mounted as. The command (rw) indicates read/write and (ro) indicates read-only.

Another possibility is the file system type you are trying to mount. If it is NTFS you are trying to mount, then the kernel you are using may not be compiled with NTFS-write support.

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