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More on autoinstalling TN3270

This is a follow-up question about autoinstalling TN3270e devices under CICS TS2.2.

In your earlier response, you suspected that terminals were not being deleted and that the model attributes were being preserved across sessions. Our problem is much more basic than that. We do not know how to determine bind or model information within our AUTOINSTALL program. Our delete and add flow in AUTOINSTALL is working as you suggested. Terminals are deleted when they logout or disconnect from our TOR.

I'm not sure that I understand what is going on here. If the autoinstalled terminal is being deleted, then there should not be a problem. Yet there is. All I can do is to illuminate, a bit, of the background and if that's not terribly helpful, then you will have to raise a Problem.

A TN3270 connection is defined (in the usual fashion) via a profile entry in the TCPIP.ZOS140.PARMS PDS. In the BEGINVTAM Block, the TELNETDEVICE line names the terminal type (Model 2, Model5 etc.) and the VTAM Logmode being used. (You can do a D TCPIP,,T,CONN on a Console to show the active TN3270 connections). You also define the LU names that can be used for TN3270 Sessions into VTAM. Thus, you next need to look in the VTAM definitions (SYS1.VTAMLST) to see what is defined for those LOGMODE entries (the MODEENT items).

Consequently, you can see what the definitions used for TN3270 terminals will be when they initially connect into CICS. You need to ensure that you have a suitable TYPETERM defined in the CSD (and active) with which the LOGMODE will match.

You then get into the AutoInstall Exit program to override, or physically select, the relevant TYPETERM for the TN3270 terminals. The Customisation Guide Appendix goes into great detail about how things like PSERVIC definitions in the MODEENT interact with the TYPETERM definitions. I suspect this is the part that is not working properly for you.

I'd recommend fiddling about with the TYPETERM definitions to get an automatic match done by CICS. If this is not suitable for you, then you will have to start rummaging around with the CINIT_RU setting (the 5th parm passed into the AUTOINSTALL program) to see what exactly is going on to make the selection. All this seems rather unnecessary.

I say this because if you manage the TN3270 definitions properly, you will KNOW what LUname (and Logmode) you will be using and so can setup a trivial matching on the LUname part.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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