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Monitoring Web pages using Nagios

Security expert and 'Pro Nagios 2.0' author James Turnbull explains how to monitor the amount of time spent on Web pages using Nagios.

We use Nagios to monitor our network services and servers, and we want to monitor the average time that it takes to read some specific Web pages. I've done some research in order to build a script to be run by Nagios using wget, but didn't manage to find a way to measure this time. How could we achieve it?

The easiest way to do this is use the check_http plug-in. This provides the response time from a specified Web site. For example,

host# check_http -I -u /test_page.html -w 3 -c 4

The -I option specifies the IP address of the host running the web site to be tested, -u specifies the exact path you wish to check (defaults to /) and the -w and -c options specify the period in seconds which, if exceeded, will trigger the WARNING or CRITICAL status respectively.

You can see the other options available with this plug-in using the -h option. The check_http plug-in comes with the default plug-ins package.

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