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Migrating the domain controller to Linux

Find out why Red Hat Domain Server beats out Windows NT Domain Controller when migrating the domain controller to Linux.

How can I migrate the domain controller to Linux? What are the files that need to be considered for migration?

Why not use software that does the migration for you? Red Hat Domain Server is designed to fulfill the role of a Windows NT Domain Controller. The Linux Domain Controller utilizes LDAP and is designed to provide services offered by commercial directories, such as Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's E-Directory.

RH Domain Server is an open source project best suited for medium-sized businesses, which can replace NT Domain controllers. Some of the features that it has are: a Windows NT to RH LDC migration tool, an LDAP Directory, LDAP based local machine authentication, Domain controller replication and domain trusts. For more info and/or to download the product, take a look here.

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