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Migrated from CICS V4.10 to TS 1.3--have some questions

We are migrating CICS from V4.10 to TS 1.3, and after reading IBM's Books about migration, I've two questions about...


1. We've encountered changes for system, like DCT, RCT and Log, but for applications we didn't see imperative changes caused by obsoletes orders. Did we forget anything?

2. This version allows TSname with 16 characters (QNAME). Is it planned that future versions make obsolete the 8 characters name (QUEUE)?

Thanks for your answers or references to old discussions. (I searched without succeed).

Your CICS application programs should be source and object compatible between CICS/ESA V4.1 and CICS TS V1.3.

However CICS TS V1.1 introduced a new exception condition, LOCKED, that could apply to existing programs using certain File Control, Temporary Storage and Transient Data commands. This also applies to all releases following CICS TS V1.1. The LOCKED exception is raised if a program requests a lock and CICS has reason to believe that it could be a relatively long time before the lock might be released. In this case it is not appropriate to make the requesting task wait so CICS raises the LOCKED condition instead. This situation can occur in certain failure scenarios where a task cannot complete its syncpoint processing for some reason but must continue to hold locks to preserve data integrity. (Note that improved data integrity is one of the new features of CICS TS V1). If an existing CICS application program has been coded correctly it will be able to cope with unexpected exception conditions, possibly by abending, which is what will happen if the HANDLE CONDITION mechanism is being used. If the application is coded to test explicit response codes it is a programming error if it does not cope with unexpected responses. In that case the program may not behave correctly if a LOCKED condition is encountered. For further information see the CICS Programming Reference Manual.

There are no plans to discontinue support for 8 character Temporary Storage names although we strongly recommend that you use longer names for new or modified applications.

This was last published in February 2002

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