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Measuring CPU utilization of individual subroutines

Our transactions are broken up into 3-tier subroutines, presentation logic, business logic and data management logic. All the programs are written in COBOL II with DB2 and DPT (VSAM). My main question is, how can we measure the CPU utilization of each individual subroutine called during a task?

As a guideline, we are using XC COLLECT STATISTICS MONITOR(tasknum) and writing USRCPUT to the log on entry to and before exit from each subroutine. Besides the obvious overhead, does this technique make sense?

What is the correct way to calculate the CPU time based on the USRCPUT Timer and Count parts?

Thank you for your advice.

Yes, this is the correct approach to collecting the information. What you need to concentrate upon are the tools needed to anaylze the data. You will probably have a non-IBM toolset for this or you can use the (new) CICS PM too for this operation.

Just a bit of a reminder that DB2 accounting changes between CTS 1.3 and CTS 2.2 due to the new TCB structure so double counting will occur if this change is not correctly handled.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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