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Mainframe FTP - A simple check

A simple way to check code when doing an FTP in CICS.

I am having a problem with FTP'ing a file that does not contain CRLF to the mainframe. Because the source file does not contain a CRLF to signify the end of line, only the data up to the LRECL of the file will be transferred. The remainder of the data is truncated and discarded.

I have tried binary and ASCII file transfers without success, and ebcdiic isn't supported. Please let me know if there are other parameters that I might try.

This is difficult to answer without knowing what platform you were transferring from. If the data is text when you view it on the other platform, can you open it in something like Word (if Windows, Linux, etc.) and then save it as text prior to the transfer or run some other utility to modify the file prior to FTP'ing it.

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