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Macros in OpenOffice

An office suite expert suggests different ways to set up macros in OpenOffice.

I like OpenOffice, but I would need the ability that Excel offers to start a macro in my worksheet. How is this handled in Open Office?

You can use macros in OpenOffice.org; how you use them or attach them is very flexible (and thus perhaps a bit more complex).

  • Write a macro by choosing Tools > Macros > Organize Macros > OpenOffice.org Basic.
  • Record a macro by choosing Tools > Macros > Record Macro.
  • Attach a macro to a form component like a button. Add one by choosing View > Toolbars > Form Controls, click a control tool, and draw the control. Right-click on the component, choose Control, and assign the macro in the Events tab.
  • Attach a macro to a keyboard shortcut, menu, or toolbar under Tools > Customize.

This link offers a huge number of resources for using macros.

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