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Lost the 'sa' password

I have lost the 'sa' password to my database, and I don't know how to retrieve it. Is this a situation where I...

will have to just reset the 'sa' password? I do not have any other account into the database.

If you have lost the 'sa' password, then you can regenerate another one. To do so follow the following example

  1. Shutdown the Sybase server from the operating system level by using a kill command. I assume that since you have lost the 'sa' password then you have not used the server for a while!
  2. Once you have shutdown the ASE, modify the RUN_SERVER file as follows:
    Notice the last line "-psa". This will instruct Sybase to create a login for 'sa'. The password will be written to the ASE's errorlog. In this example our server is called SYB_CRFXR1_1251 and the errorlog will be SYB_CRFXR1_1251.log, by default.

    Use the regenerated 'sa' password to access your ASE as usual, once you have rebooted your ASE. Reset the 'sa' password using exec sp_password afterwards and do not forget to remove the last line in the RUN_SERVER file.

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