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Logging commands as su user

Ken Milberg recommends using Sudosh, an RPM with the ability to play back enter sessions of commands from logins as su user.

How do you log commands run as su user? If you use sudo to su, no corresponding commands are logged by sudo, only the initial su (the same happens if you enter a shell). In a home environment, this is fine. In real life, it is necessary to su at times, so denying su access through sudo isn't practical. I need to record everything done on the system.

I share your pain, as I used to have this same problem and in the past had written scripts to accomplish this. Today, all you need to do is use sudosh. Sudosh (an RPM) works with sudo to provide a shell that users would use for full root access, which ensures that the detailed logs are kept.

Sudosh actually records all keystrokes with the output, and can play back entire sessions like a VCR! It is very simple to set up and actually comes in two parts, sudosh and sudoshd. Sudosh is the actual program that one would call from sudo.

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