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Logging CEDA online activity

I am looking for a way to log CEDA online activity. The questions that I must answer are:
1. Who did an update on CSD file?
2. hat parameter had been modified?
3. From where and at what time?

I tried three ways but none of them is possible or answer to my questions:

1. DFHEDAP exit: I didn't find any exit for DFHEDAP
2. CSDL Queue: I don't know who had done the update.
3. CSDJID parameter. The name of the user is missing in the journal record

The CICS is a TS 1.3
Umm, you seem to have tried very hard but need to be a bit more sneaky!

I suggest you persist with the TDQ method and just go a little further. Use the XTDOUT exit to detect a message being to CSDL and then addin the userid of the current task on the end. You Get the current Userid by doing a DFHXMIQX FUNCTION (INQUIRE_TRANSACTION) XMI call in your GLUE exit program and then append something like "! added by user(xxxxxxxx)" on the end of the relevant messages. Be a bit careful about overflowing the LRECL of CSDL.

However, are you sure that the userid is not already in the message? Something that looks like this seems to be in the prefix for each record output to CSDL. Also, you may not be processing the splitting of records in the TDQ correctly.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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