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Linux firewall filtration by application

I've used a number of Windows firewalls that allow network/internet access based on application, but I'm now running Linux. I have the basic firewall setup, but I was wondering if there are any firewalls that can filter by application instead of just IP or port?

I presume from this query that you asking if there are any products in the same vein as the Windows Firewall, Zone Alarm, Tiny Personal Firewall, or Symantec Internet Security available for Linux. Unfortunately, not exactly. Many vendors are looking at introducing versions of their firewall products for desktop (and by extension) server-style Linux hosts. But at the moment I am not aware of any specific implementations like this.

But there are some GUI-based firewall tools available for Linux. These are not built on allowing, controlling or filtering via applications but can make configuring iptables considerably easier. One of these is the well-known GNOME Lokkit tool provided with the Red Hat distribution. Others include tools like Firestarter, Firewall Builder and Bifrost.

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