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Limiting table access with a stored procedure

An expert describes how to limit table access and viewing with a stored procedure instead of the GRANT statement.

I want to allow my users to access a table for a single-use. I know that you can limit queries within an hour. Is there a way to limit them on a per-use basis? I want the privileges to be revoked once they're finished looking at it.

The GRANT statement provides the following access limitations on a user:

  • The number of queries per hour
  • The number of updates per hour
  • The number of connections to the server per hour
  • The number of simultaneous connections to the server

There is no built in method to limit the number of times a user may access a particular table outside of the per hour limits.

You can use stored procedures to limit user access to data. Construct a stored procedure that logs user access to the table (referencing the CURRENT_USER() function as needed), and exits early if the table has already been accessed. Give your users access only to the stored procedure, and not directly to the table itself.

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