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Limiting access to single user accounts

Expert James Turnbull explains how to limit multiple active sessions for a single user account on Red Hat 8.0.

Is there a way to allow a single user account to have only one active login session at a time on Red Hat 8.0? We want to have a developer account that several people may use. However, we want it configured so that they may only use it one-at-a-time.

The best way to limit user logins is using Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM). Red Hat 8.0 should come with PAM enabled by default. Check in the /etc/security directory for a file called limits.conf that should provide the functionality you require. The limits.conf file is well-documented and you can also view the PAM man page using the command: man pam. Your Red Hat documentation should also discuss how PAM is implemented on your version of Red Hat.

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