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Language environment migration

Hi Robert, my name is Cole and the company I work for is preparing to migrate its COBOL II applications to COBOL/LE 390. Our mainframe operating system is OS/390 V2.R10 and our CICS environment is CICS TS1.3 (LE 370 installed). I don't have a lot of experience with CICS (less than one year).

My questions are: Where do I begin, what needs to be changed in the CICS environments if anything and do the COBOL program definitions need to be modified? Can you please point me in the right direction?

Good day Cole.

You are lucky -- there will not be any great problems in your migration. You get things easy because you already have the Language Environment runtime in your existing CICS regions.

That means that your VS COBOL II modules will be running in the Language Environment runtime environment (not a native VS COBOL II one) and so taking notice of the Language Environment runtime options. Which in turn means that they have been coded to those runtime options. Which in turn means that a quick recompile to use the Enterprise COBOL compiler (and a relink) is all that is required. The language levels between VS COBOL II and Enterprise COBOL are compatible. The most you might have to do is change the Translator options from COBOL2 to COBOL3.

You cannot use the integrated translator supplied in CTS 2.2 (which gives you line numbers from INCLUDED copybooks) but that's merely an inconvenience.

The only thing you need to check is that the CICS region-wide default Language Environment options are suitable for these migrated COBOL programs and if not, then just link them with the set they are assuming.

Have a look on the CICS Web site in the library section for CTS 2.2 where there is a paper talking about language environment migration considerations. This has had a very good positive response from customers and is worth a read for you.

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