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LU6.2 connectivity

Can you point me to a URL or give me a simple description of LU6.2 connectivity used by HP base apps to generate CICS sessions in z/OS? That's what we do here at MBNA and we're having trouble meeting schedules every time we ubild a new CICS region or write new HP based Apps. I'm in mnagement and I need better questions to ask becuase I'm not seeing the improvement I want. Thanks.

I cannot answer this question directly - as I'm an IBM person (and part of the CICS Technical Strategy Team to boot) - and so cannot comment on non-IBM products.

However, from the viewpoint of a manager, I don't particularily see what the problem is. Your query suggests that you have existing HP applications working OK with CICS over LU6.2 so why the additional problems when a new one/component is implemented?

I can see that there will need to have a bit of additional RDO LU6.2 Connection definitions required, but these definitions are merely cloans of existing ones and so trivially generated. You will also have to do a bit of CICS configuration to get the flow from the HP application doing the correct thing in CICS, but again that's fairly trivial. Security might be more of a probelm, but that resolves down to creating the required RACF/other security product USERIDS and then configuring for access, but again that's straight-forward.

Are there capacity problems on your SNA network or other things that need to be done to the z/OS Communications server or other bits of hardware that are causing delays? If so, then some part of network planning may be being neglected.

Are the problems being caused by your installations change control or testing procedures? It's more complex to test LU6.2 connections because of the static nature of the LU6.2 naming conventions....but there are ways around this through CICS configurations.

If you get your IBM Contact to drop me a note, I'll be happy to talk directly to you.

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