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Keeping your Apache server safe

Security expert James Turnbull recommends resources for stopping crackers.

I am being regularly attacked by a cracker who is using my Apache server to cause denial-of-service attacks on others. I need some advice on how to determine what is happening and how to stop it forever! I have one rack server co-located at a data center. It is running Bind DNS v. 9, Sendmail, and Apache 2.0.54. I use a Shorewall firewall.

I recommend you hire a security professional or consultancy to review and secure your system. If you wish to handle it on your own then I would recommend a number of books, including Tony Mobily's excellent Hardening Apache and my own book on Hardening Linux.

But I strongly urge you to engage a professional. Your ISP/data center may already use someone or an organization that might be able to assist you.

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