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KDE vs. Explorer for browsing, bank access, etc.

I have just installed SuSE Linux. However, the KDE browser is really quite poor compared to MS Explorer. It doesn't bring out all the frames on text screens, and some bank access just doesn't seem to recognize it. Mozilla, which came with the suite, takes four minutes to return after each entry. Is there anything better before I abandon this?
The KDE browser, Konquerer, is based on Mozilla technology, but I think it lags the current Mozilla release a bit. If performance annoys you, then try Firefox; it's faster. In all cases, upgrading to the latest browser version is a good idea. Second, Mozilla uses the GNOME Gtk toolkit for graphics, not Qt. If Mozilla is the first gnome-based tool you launch, then a smallpart of GNOME has to launch as well. This only happens once. If you have a very complicated X-Windows setup under KDE (eg, a remote X11 server), then you need to study about how Mozilla uses fonts in order to pick which special compile is best for you.

Text outlines are an IE idea and Mozilla is still reluctantly finishing them, or at least the thing in the standards that's nearest to IE's outlines. Outlines are the little dotted lines that IE places around text labels (eg next to radio buttons) when you click on one. Personally, I hate those outlines, because they makes me think the text is selected (it isn't). If you want something like that, then you can modify your user-defined stylesheet, or just download a different theme that puts outlines in. User stylesheets are described here: http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html. What you need is a line like:
a:focus { border: solid thin; ! important }
Use something that's correct syntax for the CSS standard.

Banks are slow to adopt new technology, and bank access is occasionally an issue for Mozilla. There's been lots of progress though. This bug: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=124594 tracks the few banks that are dragging their heels. Click on the "show dependancy tree" link to get a full list of outstanding banks. If your bank's not there, and it works correctly with IE but not with Mozilla technology, ring them up and ask them why aren't they supporting a browser that most banks now support. They might appreciate being given a clue. Tell them their nearby competitor works fine -- they'll love that.

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