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JES2 output problem when migrating from OS/390 V2.10 to z/OS V1.4

We are migrating a system from OS/390 2.10 to z/OS 1.4. When z/OS is brought up, a HASP497 message is issued: rc=a8. HASP440 is issued next. The problem is that all JES2 destinations go to the node name and not the destination in the JES2 deck; it's almost like it thinks the output is destined for another system.

The sysplex name, SID, JES2 checkpoint, node name and so on are all the same on the 2.10 and 1.4 systems. No cold start was done on the JES2 spool. Do you think this would cause the destination issue? Would you recommend a cold start of JES2? Putting z/OS 1.4 on a test LPAR and a test JES2 spool does not duplicate this problem.

  1. Do you use any JES2 exits? If so, have you reassembled them? If your answers are yes and no, reassemble all your exits, because they all need to be reassembled with the new JES2 MACLIB when migrating from OS/390 V2.10 to z/OS V1.4. See the z/OS V1R4.0 Migration Guide for more details. It strikes me that this is a possibility, since field offsets have changed.

  2. I don't think you should have to do a cold start, but since an error in the output queue has been detected and rebuilt, it may be worth trying. Try to quiesce all work in the system, and flush or print or redirect as much output as possible prior to this to minimize lost output.

  3. If neither of the above options applies or helps, please get back to me with the full text of the messages, and I'll look into this further.

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