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Is there an open source alternative to IBM's Websphere?

Is there an open source alternative to IBM's WebSphere? It's time for us to upgrade, and we'd like to evaluate less expensive alternatives.
WebSphere is a huge product suite, containing a large number of products. It has a J2EE application server, a content management system and connectors to a number of legacy OSes, as well as a number of other products. There is no comparable open source suite that matches WebSphere exactly.

However, there are many open source products that provide functionality of part of the WebSphere suite. For example,...

there is a well-known open source J2EE application server called JBoss. There are a number of open source Content Management Systems, including Zope.

If you're interested in some info on replacing the J2EE app server, I provide a case study in the webcast I recently did, Why your future depends on open source.

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