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Is there an open source ERP alternative?

In one of your answers, you said that SAP was the best choice for ERP on Linux. Is there an open source ERP alternative? Would it be hard to pull together several different open source software programs into an ERP solutions? (Obviously, I'm looking for a less-costly way to deploy ERP in my company.)
There are some alternatives in the open source community. Why don't you try looking at Compiere, a CRM and ERP solution for small to medium-sized enterprises install? It's been getting some good publicity lately -- check out this recent review in Network World news. It's 100% pure Java, licensed under the GPL -- and the downloads are currently available for free. It is one of the more commercialized open source ERP offerings, as it relies on Oracle and many other commercial Java development environment tools such as Borland. The developers also offer certification, training courses and tech support.

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