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Is there a way to manage DFHCSD file using the batch utility DFHCSDUP?

Is there a way to manage DFHCSD file using the batch utility DFHCSDUP, which would include the INSTALL function? According to the DFHCSDUP utility manual, the INSTALL function is not listed. If this function is not provided by the utility, do you know of a way that can have the INSTALL function through systems programming?
The RDO INSTALL function takes resources defined in the CSD and installs them into the current CISC region. THus, you have got to be running the CDEA transaction in the region to get things installed.

From the sounds of your query, you actually want to install some things into a CICS region in a programatic fashion.

If you are already running in the CICS region, then most CICS resources can be created via XC CREATE commands, but that does not involve the CSD; so this does not look like what you are asking for!

I think that you want to run a 'CEDA I G(xx)' initiated from outside of the region to run inside the selected CICS region: However, I'm a bit concerned about why you want to do this: try thinking about turning on various AUTOINSTALL functions to do relevent installtion things.

The CEDA Transaction requires running at a terminal., so you have got to be able to invoke the function from Batch, and somehow run it within the region at a terminal. This is not going to be as simple as you might expect: but FEPI (which I coded) can come to the rescue.

However, this not not a quick thing to achieve.

You have got to define some FEPI connections from the region BACK into the same region. This is simple enough: use a FORMATTED type of conection. You then have to write an emulation program using one of these terminals. Once you have emulated the signon situation, then you can run the CEDA I G(xxx) which you want - but check things worked correctly before ending the emulation. the installation of resources will occur in the same region as the emulation program because that's where you defined it via FEPI.

As in all screen-scraping emulations, all the effort comes in checking the results from each 'screen' of data received: the more safge you want to make the emulation, the more complex the code required.

You can get this program executed from Batch using EXCI - there are some SupportPacs which I wrote which supply code to do this from REXX/MVS via TSO (or JCL) or from a MVS BatchPipe. So, the invocation is easy: just pass in the name of the group in the Commarea - and return codes back.

Another approach is to use the CICS Transaction Gateway, and code up an EPI emulation: here the emulation code is not witinmg the CICS region but in the program written to use the CTG function. However, the same complexity applies about running the emulation. In this case, you will be using a Java or C program to do the connection and emulation.

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