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Is there a log file in Samba to keep track of users' access?

I am currently running Suse 8.2 as a file and print server (Samba) to my windows clients. It works great! Unfortunately I have some malicious users on my network who like to delete files as a means of getting out of work. I was able to set up a "recycle bin" for Samba so nothing is actually being deleted, but what I really need is a way to nail the guilty parties. Is there a log file I can set up to keep track of who accessed what files and what they did with them -- i.e. deleted, changed and so on?
Check out the new Samba-3.0.0 VFS module called "extd_audit.so". It is well documented in the SAmba-3.0.0 HOWTO Collection. You can obtain this document from:



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