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Is there a batch utility that gives a report on file status?

I'm looking for a batch utility giving a report of a file status under an AOR CICS (CICSPLEX, ES-9000). Can you tell me if such a thing exists and how to use it?

I do not know of any such utility, but I guess some vendor-supplied items are available. I'd check the Guide or SHARE sites for some clues. However, I would be very surprised in a Language-enabled function was available.

However, it's quite easy to do yourself. Just write a CICS program that uses the file control browse function to extract the file names and thir open/closed, enabled/disabled status and stick the results in a commarea.

Drive this from batch using my EXCI Support Pac, and then simply reformat the commarea into some sort of list function (a previous append to this forum discussed this in detail).

Doing this yourself via Rexx (when you would parse the commarea into a load of stem. variable components) or via batch pipes (use the SPLIT stage to divide the commarea into multiple records) gives you the opportunity to process the info in a manner suitable for your particular needs rather than rely on someone else's ideas.

On a general note to anyone else reading this entry, I know I'm now a technical strategist for CICS but I'm really a hacker at heart. If you are into list-type of processing, then the MVS batch pipes function is excellent at converting records, selecting them and reformatting into something different. Those Unixy types who construct pipes know how easy it is to think in such a way. They can run native in JCL or TSO or be used within a Rexx Exec (where I often use them to load a file or issue a command and format the results before passing back to Rexx). I guess, when I started as a very humble batch programmer eons ago, all that use of batch listing/printing programs stayed around!

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