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Is there a Linux functionality for remote control of Telnet/SSH logins?

I have a question regarding remote control of Telnet or SSH logins. I can do it in OpenVMS with the CONTROL ASSIST [USERNAME]/NONOTIFY command, but I want to be able to do it in Linux.

Is there a command that will let me take over a user's Telnet or SSH session? I am not talking about VNC or XDM or anything like that.

I have users who log in using Telnet or SSH. If they have a problem or technical support question, I would like to be able to log in to the server with Telnet or SSH and type in a command that would show me everyone currently logged in, then let me take over any one of the logged in sessions. Once I am finished, I would disconnect. I haven't been able to find this functionality anywhere in Linux.
Unlike other OS's, Linux uses an X server for graphics. This allows for network redirection. You can have a secure remote display by tunneling through ssh. << ssh -X >>. I'm not an ssh whiz by any means, but try fooling around with this.

I know you have issues with it, but personally, I would use VNC! VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. The system is a remote display system which lets one view a computing "desktop" environment, but from anywhere on the Internet and from many different varieties of machine architectures.

If you change your mind, here's a great article by Jeff Vincent for more specifics:

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