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Is it possible to install CICS TS V2.2 on a machine that has OS/390 v2.10?

Is it possible to install CICS TS V2.2 on a machine that has OS/390 v2.10?

In an earlier response to this question, I gave an incorrect answer. I said
that CICS TS 2.2 requires z/OS 1.2 for operation. In fact,it only requires
OS/390 2.10.

However, my own view (and this is not a CICS or IBM opinion) is that you
should attempt to get onto z/OS if possible before going to CICS TS 2.2.
This is because (according to the IBM z/OS website: z/OS migration) if you
are on OS/390, OS/390 2.10 is the last that will permit migration to z/OS
in a single step. The idea is to get onto z/OS as soon as possible, and
there is some detailed advice about migration available on the
aforementioned website.

It's my own preference, which may not be the same as yours, is that it is
better to get z/OS installed and running before you migrate to CICS TS 2.2
as this is a single validation for the applications running under CICS.
Change control might require you to revalidate applications in CICS TS 2.2
installed under OS/390 when a change is made to z/OS - so it might be
easier just to do this once rather than twice. However, it's easy for me to
say this, it's another matter entirely you in the real-world.

Another factor to be considered, is that any future release of CICS will
almost certainly pre-req z/OS.

My humble apologies to the raiser of this question and felicitations to the
kind member of the CICS community who pointed out the error of my ways. I
won't insult you all by making any excuses.

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