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Is it possible to connect to DB2 from CICS?

This question is related with CICS-DB2 Connection. We have a CICS Application Owning region running in system A. However, the DB2 is running in system B. Is it possible to connect to DB2 from the cics region?.

CICS TS must be running in the same OS/390 image as the DB2 subsystem instance it connects to because CICS and DB2 communicate via cross-memory mechanisms. However you could have a DB2 subsystem (in the same OS/390 image as CICS TS) that manages no data of its own but uses DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) to pass the SQL request to the DB2 subsystem in a second OS/390 image. For information about this approach see "Reference for Remote DRDA Requesters and Servers" (SC26-9942).

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