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Is it necessary to re-compile CICS COBOL after migrating from CICS V4.1 to CICS TS?

CICS TS migration concerns in a Natural/ADABAS shop that uses some COBOL.

We are a 95% Natural/ADABAS shop. The other 5% consists of CICS/COBOL, some online applications and mainly, interfaces for Natural and CICS. We are currently on OS/390 R2.10 and CICS V4.1 and will be migrating to CICS TS V2.2. Will the 5% need to be re-compiled to function with V2.2? Is it better to make the migration to V1.3 first? How can I tell if the CICS apps were compiled with pre-LE translators?

It will not be necessary to re-compile or to re-link-edit your CICS COBOL applications (assuming they conform to the CICS API). There is no need to migrate to CICS TS V1.3 as a step towards CICS TS V2.2 and I recommend going straight to V2.2 to avoid the double migration. The one significant migration issue you will face is switching to use of the System Logger for which the considerations are the same whether you migrate to CICS TS V1.3 or direct to CICS TS V2.2.. But there is plenty of information and advice available on this topic given that a great number of customers have already migrated to V1.3. I suggest you start by looking at http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/events and follow the navigation link to Call Library where you will find presentations on migrating to CICS TS V1.3 and CICS TS V2.2.

If your COBOL programs have been compiled using OS/VS COBOL then they will run on CICS TS V2.2 but cannot be re-translated using the version of the CICS translator shipped with CICS TS V2.2. Hence, if it is necessary to modify the source of such a program, you will have two choices once you move to CICS TS V2.2:

    Use the translator that came with your existing CICS V4.1 (note that this is allowed even after your CICS V4.1 license has terminated)
    Migrate your COBOL program to a currently supported compiler ( ie COBOL V3) and use the CICS translator that comes with CICS TS V2.2

If your programs have been compiled using the COBOL II compiler and you need to modify the source you can use the CICS TS V2.2 translator ( with the COBOL3 default) and the (unsupported) COBOL II compiler to produce an object module which you can run in CICS TS V2.2 under LE. However I would recommend migrating to a currently supported compiler (ie COBOL V3).

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