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Is Sun committed to Linux? Why go with Sun?

Isn't Sun just pulling our legs by saying it's committed to Linux? There's hardly any mention of Linux in the Sun Network show program next week. Didn't they delay the availability of x86 on Linux, putting out x86 Solaris first? My company is considering moving from Sun servers to Linux on Dell. We thought about going with Sun and Linux but we can't find a good reason to do that. Is there a good reason?
My opinion on this, is as follows. If you want to use Linux, put it on a PC, unless you have such a high intensive application that truly needs the power of Risc. Solaris will run better on Sun Boxes, AIX better on RS6000 and pSeries servers and HP-UX on HP9000s, than its Linux cousin. You will get better support by going with Unix on these Risc platforms. Ask me in another year, and I may change my mind.

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