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Is MySQL relational?

We are a not-for-profit organization that is looking for a suitable Linux-based database to suit our needs. MySQL...

is looking good but I haven't seen the term "relational" used with MySQL. Is it because it is really the foundation for any database that could in fact be relational or because it is not natively supported? Also would you recommend any existing open source MySQL databases that would suit the needs of CRM, etc?

Any database that allows you to establish a relation between different pieces of data is a relational database. MySQL is a relational database, in that it allows tables to be joined together and also supports the concept of foreign keys. As for CRM, it depends on whether you are planning to develop your own or acquire a CRM solution. MySQL is well suited to serve as a back end for a CRM solution, one MySQL partner providing CRM solutions based on MySQL is SugarCRM.

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