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Is Fedora right for C++ developers?

Is Fedora Linux a good fit for programmers developing software and applications involving object-oriented concepts and C++ ? What are its benefits for programmers and its negatives? Is there any tool that comes with the Fedora Linux that can match (if not fully, at least to a certain extent) the Microsoft Visual Studio (say, VS2003.net)? Lastly, does Fedora Linux encapsulate previous versions of Red Hat Linux? Does it have a future, or should programmers really be working with the (very complex and unwieldy) Enterprise Red Hat?

I'm not an expert at second-guessing Red Hat, but I've noticed recently that the company is talking about 'desktops' again. So, their interest in Fedora (which is a desktop-oriented distribution - at least some of the time) probably remains.

On the C++ side, Fedora contains gcc 3.3.3 which is one of the best C++ compilers. There are plenty of assistive tools, too, like STL, make and eclipse. Even some of Intel's optimizations have crept into C++. So, go for it. Eclipse is the Visual Studio competitor. Or you can go down the emacs path, which is harder to learn.

I can't see any reason offhand why Fedora should die.

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