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Individual justifications for OpenOffice headers and footers

Office suite expert Solveig Haugland describes how to set up individual justifications for headers and footers in an OpenOffice document using tabs.

I'm using OpenOffice and would like to know how to make a footer (or header) that has some text left justified, some text centered and some text right justified. When I select some of the text in the footer and then click on the format button, the entire footer takes on that justification. How do I get different bits to be justified differently?

You can use tabs to do this in headers, footers, and anywhere else in a document. Set up a left tab on the left side, a center tab in the middle and a right tab on the far right side. Click in the header and left justify the text. To set up center and right tabs, double-click on the ruler and you'll see the Tabs section of the Paragraph window. Just specify the position you want, 3.5 or wherever the middle is, specify Center, and click New. Repeat with roughly a 6- or 7-inch tab, specify Right, and click New. Then click OK.

You can skip the left tab if you left-justify the text and if you want that header text no farther in than the text in the body of the document. Click in the header. Type the left-justified text, then tab again and type, then tab again and type.

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