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I'm running CICS TS 1.2 on OS/390 R2.6. Need help with extracting AIDS information out from CICS co

At my site, we are running CICS TS 1.2 on OS/390 R2.6. I am trying to extract AIDS information out from CICS control block (AID). The field that I want to extract from the AID control block is AIDTIMST (AID Time Stamp). I could not make sense of the value store in this field. It does not have the format likes the usual date & time field. And I could not find any information about format of this field in any CICS reference manual or DATA AREA manual.

Would you please share with me the format of this field or guide me to the source of information?

I am not sure I should be telling you this because it is extremely unwise to expect CICS control block information to remain the same release to release and you would receive absolutely no sympathy from CICS development if you complained that a change was made that prevented your program from working or, worse, caused it to do the wrong thing.

But, for academic interest, I believe, but give no warranty, that the format is:-
first 2 bytes the day number, in packed decimal
second two bytes the number of 2.56 second intervals since start of day,
in binary.

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