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ICETOOL, SYNCTOOL utilities exclude mainframe subset files

Mainframe programmers can turn to ICETOOL and SYNCTOOL utilities to avoid writing a COBOL program when working with records.

I have a master sequential file, and a subset file of the master. Is there any common utility in IBM's OS/390 where...

I can generate an output whose record will be MASTER file -- SUBSET file, for example? I want to exclude those records that are present in the subset file. Can this be done without writing a COBOL program for the mainframe?

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You should be able to do what you need with ICETOOL instead of writing a COBOL program. Check out IBM's DFSORT site for examples that use ICETOOL.

If you are using Syncsort, it has SYNCTOOL, which is similar to ICETOOL.

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