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I need assistance with DFHWBEP

I need assistance with DFHWBEP. We are using the 3270 bridge as our initial attempt at Web enabling our legacy CICS systems, running under Transaction Server 1.3. I have coded the sample DFHWBEP and can get it to invoke but only under one circumstance, that being if I enter an invalid userid. We are using basic authentication and our security is via Top Secret. Our transactions are protected via OTRANS. What causes DFHWBEP to be driven? In trying to invoke it I did things I THOUGHT would (like attempting an unathorized access) and got a TSS msg in the log, but just get the Page Cannot Be Displayed msg on the web screen and the use count on DFHWBEP is not added to, so it is not being driven. Where do I go for information on DFHWBEP? It does not seem that there is much? And how should I go about testing that program? How do I "generate" errors to invoke it? Thanks in advance for your help.

DFHWBEP is driven when an HTTP request causes some sort of failure. You get input to it, via a Commarea, containing a bare page with 400 Bad Request (Could not attach the relevant processing transaction or length error etc.) , 403 Forbidden (essentially all Security errors), 404 Not Found or if all else fails 500 Server error (such as missing CICS program). I suggest you turn on Web Trace and look for WB 0605 / 0606 which bracket the call to DFHEBEP - and see if anything springs to mind. Although I cannot comment on a non-IBM Vendor product, it might be that your security has forbidden access to DFHWBEP.

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