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How to use the DFHBOX attribute in CICS transactions?

In our applications, we have used DFHBOX attribute with external attributes in BMS. But when we run the transaction in CICS, the program abended with prog*. Our version is CICS TS 1.3. How can we use this attribute?

If I've understood this correctly, the PROG* failure you refer to is not a CICS Abend (a ours our all 4 characters and start with A), but one of the 3270 Screen errors that appear with a lightening flash on the bottom line of the screen.

You will have to look up the code in the Green Book to find out the exact cause of the error.

However, the most immediate cause will probably be that the Terminal (whether real or emulated) does not accept the 3270 Extended Attribute. In other words, you are using a Map which is not suitable for the device upon which it will be rendered.

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