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How to use frames in CICS Web Support templates?

We are working with HTML templates in CICS Web Support (CICS TS 1.3; OS/390 2.10). Is it possible to use frames in the templates? And how? (The problem is that we normally use src="URL...", but we don't have URLs in CICS Web Support.)

You should be able to do this -- you will have to have a good read of the Internet Guide to understand what is going on.

I think you have three problems to consider/solve/code around:

1: Getting the URL in the doctype
2: Setting the Frames
3: Getting data back from the browser

How you do this depends on your strategy for generating the web page. You can use the document interface or the BMS interface -- if you are wanting to use frames, it's going to be the former approach. The data is sourced from whatever way you think fit, and then plonked into the web page.

When you use the document interface, you basically move Key=Value pairs into a document template. This template can be stored in a variety of places (different for development or production), but is basically a chunk of editable text. If you are going to use some sort of global frame layout, then you want to define the initial and last part of the flow via the CICSHEAD (where you put in the URL on the doctype) and CICSFOOT template. I guess you will have a portion of the page with the CICS sourced data and have buttons somewhere which will map to PF keys for updates.

You might need to code up a converter program so that a flow from the browser can be manipulated into a convienient format for use in your CICS application program.

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