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How to run the reiser file system

Could you offer some advice on how to run the reiser file system?
ReiserFS was actually the first journaled filesystem to be included in the standard linux kernel. Today, SUSE and Red-Hat use ext3 as their default f/s on their distributions. Reiser4 is the latest filesystem from Hans Reiser. To create a reiserfs filesystem, you would use this command:

# mkreiserfs

Let's tune your filesystem.

# reiserfstune

This command is used to tune the f/s. It can change two parameters (journal size and maximum transaction size), and it can move the journal's location to a new specified block device.

For more information, come straight to the source, namesys. Many had thought Reiser was going to be the filesystem of the future, until its benefactor Hans Reiser, was accused of murder of his estranged wife. Shortly thereafter, many distributions dropped ReiserFS from what was their standard default f/s.

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