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How to initiate a CICS transaction via batch job?

We currently have a batch system and need to convert it to a real-time system. We could have up to 20,000 transactions...

per day. We are initially planning to initiate the CICS transaction via a Batch Job.

I guess the question is how can we initiate a CICS transaction via a Batch Job. If you could point me out to a resource on the internet or a book that would be very helpful.

The External CICS Interface (EXCI) is specifically designed to allow a batch job (or indeed any non-CICS address space) to initiate a CICS transaction. The initiating address space may be in the same OS/390 image as the target CICS region or in another OS/390 image in the same parallel sysplex as the target CICS region.There are two levels of Application Programming Interface that the batch program can use. One is a simple EXEC CICS LINK command (yes- even from a batch program!). The other, the one you will probably use for performance reasons, is a CALL interface, supported for COBOL, PL/I or C language programs, that gives greater control over creating the connection to the target CICS region and issuing multiple "LINK" requests across the single connection. You can read all the details in the CICS External Interfaces Guide (SC33-1944 for CICS TS V1.3, SC34-6006 for CICS TS V2.2).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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