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How to convert a COBOL batch program to a CICS-BTS program?

How do I convert a COBOL batch program to a CICS-BTS program? What factors do I need to consider?

I would think that conversion is out of the question. You will need to recode almost all of your module to use the concepts for BTS.

After you have done the bit about XC DEFINE PROCESS to setup the BTS functionality, you will then have to do lots of definitions for EVENTS and ACTIVITIES. And only then can you think about writing the code which will cope with the firing of these events. You will also need to consider how your unit of work boundaries interact with the BTS functionality -- and consider the side-effects on a Syncpoint on the BTS processing.

A read of the BTS documentation is essential, although it's somewhat tough going. I had to go over it at least five times before I REALLY understood what was going on.

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