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How to authenticate users using RACF for applications running in CICS Web support using existing sof

How to authenticate users using RACF for applications running in CICS Web Support (CWS) using existing software? The IBM sample programs either
(1) Invoke HTTP Basic Authentication, which allows Internet Explorer users to save their passwords - permitting unauthorized users to sign-on using cached passwords or
(2) Result in non-persistent verifications requiring user to present credentials at every page change. We need persistent verified user-id and no stored passwords.

Jim Leinbach, of H&W Computer Systems, wrote a 2-part article for NASPA's Tech Support magazine January 2001. Part 1 describes session cookies as your answer and can be viewed/downloaded at http://www.naspa.com/PDF/2001/0101%20PDF/T0101001.pdf

. Part 2 is at http://www.naspa.com/PDF/2001/0201%20PDF/T0102003.pdf

. From my reading of the article "session cookies" might be just what you want. Basically, the analyzer can verify credentials initially and send back a token to be used as a session cookie which doesn't have to be stored on PC. You still have the problem of someone logging on then leaving while session still active only to have one of those durn interlopers sit down. Specialized peripherals like the Logitech Optical Whoopee Cushion can detect that security breach but ... {smile}

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