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How to associate USERID with a sequential terminal?

I want to excute a txn thru sequential term when region comes up. I dont want to hardcode userid/pswd in the card. how to avoid coding userid/pswd?? 1 way is to kick another txn before this which will do the signon but then I also dont want to hardcode userid/pswd in that txn/pgm.

The DFHTCT TYPE=TERMINAL macro that you used to define the sequential terminal supports the concept of "preset security". You can define a USERID to be associated with the terminal. The effect is the same as if the terminal had been signed-on using that USERID. See the section entitled "TCT-terminal control table" in the CICS Resource Definition Guide (SC33-1684 for CICS TS V1.3, SC34-5990 for CICS TS V2.2).

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