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How to access TCT table entries in a program?

Currently I am executing a CICS transaction. I want to verify in the above transaction if the current userid is authorized to execute some other transaction. I do not want to maintain a different security for my application so I am making use of different transaction definitions to enforce security. In short how do I access TCT table entries in a program?

I suggest you use the EXEC CICS Query Security command described in the CICS Application Programming Reference Manual. This command is used to determine if the user running the current transaction is authorised to use a particular resource. In your case the command will look something like:-


where XXXX is the transaction code of the other transaction. The RESTYPE of TRANSATTACH refers to the authority to attach a transaction, for example by entering the transaction code at a terminal. The RESTYPE of TRANSACTION is reserved for use as the authority to EXEC CICS START a transaction. On completion of the command the cvda is set to READABLE if the user is authorised, NOTREADABLE if not authorised.

I recommend you read the chapter in the "CICS RACF Security Guide" on security checking using the QUERY SECURITY command. There is absolutely no need to access the TCT!

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