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How is open source ERP software faring in the enterprise?

How is open source ERP software faring in the enterprise?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used to support the entire business function/process of the organization. In years past, one would hear the usual spiel about systems such as SAP and/or PeopleSoft being optimized and developed on Linux systems. While it is great that SAP has been available on Linux for many years and PeopleSoft is now joining the bandwagon, it speaks that much more to Linux and its strength as architecture, that companies are willing to use open source software to run their most critical business infrastructure.

Perhaps the most popular open source ERP system, is developed by Compiere. It has received rave reviews and has many satisfied customers. Among other advantages, open source breeds the creativity lacking in the for-profit companies, and also provides for a much lower cost of ownership, as well as more control over what you want to do.

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