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How do you use "dkinit" to reset cylinders in a hard drive?

I have a maxtor HD. It won't read the right amount of cylinders. Is there any software out there that can fix this or do I just use it for a paper weight?

I have read that dkinit can reset the cylinders -- is this true? And if it is true, how do you use dkinit? I really don't want to scrap this drive.
dkinit sounds like your best best, assuming of course you have have SCO Unix. dkinit is a menu front end to the dparam command. The dparam command will either display or change the hard disk characteristics currently on the disk referred to by its raw device. dparam or the dkinit front-end is actually recommended to be run before accessing the drive.

Two good links for you are the main page (http://osr5doc.ca.caldera.com:1997/cgi-bin/man/man?dparam+ADM) and the SCO Server documentation (http://docsrv.caldera.com:8507/en/HANDBOOK/hdi_dkinit.html).

Good luck!

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