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How do you set up a recycle bin in Samba 3.0?

I have a question about the Samba 3.0 VFS recycle bin module which uses parametric options. The VFS option (smb.conf) no longer exists (removed). What is the correct procedure for setting up a recycle bin in version 3.0 (granted, you need the vfs switch compiled in etc.)?

There's nothing anywhere on this, so I'm wondering if it works properly yet.
Samba-3 has not yet been released, so by definition that means we are still working on it as well as the documentation. This will be documented properly before release -- in the man pages, the HOWTO and in the book version of the HOWTO that should be available in the last quarter of the year.

FYI, the paramters to the smb.conf option: "vfs module =" for the recycle bin are:

recycle:repository="directory", default ".recycle" in the share root

recycle:keeptree=[False | True], default is False

recycle:versions=[False | True], default is False

recycle:touch=[False | True], default is False





For recycle to use a directory off the share root called "Crud," keeping the directory tree intact:

 vfs object = recycle:repository="Crud" recycle:keeptree=True
Hope this helps.

John T.

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