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How can you tell if you are running the Solaris 8 hardened version?

How can you tell if you are running the Solaris 8 hardened version?
There are several ways. If you're already familiar with "regular" Solaris, one of the first things you will notice is that you cannot login to a command line root prompt from XDM. There is no option to do this in trusted. In the trusted environment, you will start to really use SMC, if you haven't already. The SMC tools are stored in sets, which are commonly referred to as toolboxes. If you have trusted Solaris, you would open up the Trusted Solaris Management Console toolbox, for administration, if it is there. You can try one or more of the following network commands which are only available in trusted Solaris:

tnchkdb, tnctl, tnd, tninfo, tokmapctl, tokmapd

Here's a link with a tremendous amount of info on trusted Solaris (http://docs.sun.com/?q=trusted+solaris)

I trust (said with a smirk) you will find it useful.

Good luck!

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