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How can we enrich our sendmail MTAs to make them enterprise-ready?

My company has found that sendmail isn't anywhere near a replacement for the functionality Exchange provides. Someone suggested that I add to sendmail the API, document store and other tools on http://www.opengroupware.org. Is this a good idea? Are thse tools enterprise-ready?
You are correct. Sendmail is a message transfer agent or MTA, not a full-featured messaging platform. Sendmail does an excellent job at what it was designed to do: route e-mail messages across the Internet. It wasn't designed, however, to handle the broader set of corporate e-mail requirements such as mail account management, message storage, calendaring, scheduling, contact management, corporate directories and much more.

I can't comment directly on whether opengroupeware is enterprise-ready or if it offers the features needed to address your organization's messaging requirements. What I can tell you is that there are a number of capable enterprise-ready corporate e-mail products available on Linux including Novell Groupwise, IBM Lotus Domino and the Scalix Email and Calendaring Platform. Each of these products should be compatible with your existing sendmail MTAs.

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